July 27, 2020 @ 18:30
Lions Club Hart Bradley Hall
103 Bonnet Avenue

Since March, the SSIFPD office has been closed to the public to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the District can continue to provide essential services. During the pandemic, meetings of the Board of Trustees have been held electronically. Since the provincial government is now allowing groups of less than 50 people to gather, the District will be opening the July 27th Board meeting to the public.

Seating will be arranged so that a 2-metre distance is maintained between chairs. Attendance will be limited to the number of people that can be accommodated with appropriate social distancing measures in place.  Attendees are asked to wear face masks and persons with any possible symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted to attend.



1. Agenda – July 27 Regular Meeting


Facilities & Physical Plant Committee

4.1.1 CAO Ganges water 3.1 2020-06-08-TRUSTEES-SM-MIN-DRAFT

Finance & Audit Committee

4.2.1 06-23-2020 Audit and Finance minutes
4.2.2 07-14-2020 Audit and Finance Minutes

Fire Rescue Advisory Committee

4.4.1 Space Needs revised by Staff

Communications Committee

4.4.3 200723 SSIFPD NEXT STEPS To LT

Strategic Planning & Policy Development Committee

4.6.1 Strategic Plan – top priority

Disposition of Ganges Hall Committee

5.1.1 Minutes Disposition June 12 2020
5.1.2 Draft mintues ganges hall disposition July 3 2020
5.1.4 Recommendations for the Disposition of the Ganges Fire Hall_ 5.1.3 Disposition meeting minutes July 10 2020


7.2 Budget report for Board 2020


9.1 CAO report Bylaw 140
9.1 Bylaw 140 Expenditure of Funds from Fire Hall 1 Reserve

9.2 CAO report – Bylaw 141
9.2 Bylaw 141 Wages & Benefit Reserve Establishment


10.1 CAO report – Board as essentail workers
10.2 CAO report – Pathway