Letters Patent

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November 24, 1959
Establishing Saltspring Island Fire Protection District
  • Boundaries
  • Objectives
  • Board of Trustees
W.D Black
Provincial Secretary
December 29, 1960Boundaries to include:
  • Indian Reserve No. 5 “Fulford Harbour”
  • Subdivisions Fulford Harbour, on the westerly shore

Ray Williston
Minister of Lands and Forests
E.C. Martin
Presiding Member of the Executive Council
March 15, 1965Trustees and the landowner petition to include: Fractional North-east 1.4 of Section 40 South Division…Ray Williston
Minister of Lands, Forests, and Water Resources
W.A.C. Bennett
Presiding Member of the Executive Council
November 30, 1972Trustees petitioned for amendment – to include among the objects of the District the provision of street-lighting and all things incidental thereto. R. Williams
Minister of Lands, Forest, and Water Resources
D. Barrett
Presiding Member of the Executive Council
June 4 1973NOTICE – Municipal Act Section 79 8H SSIFPD is deemed to be an improvement district under the Municipal Act H. D DeBeck
Comptroller of Water Rights
February 12, 1974SSIFPD transfer from under the Water Act (Nov. 24, 1959) to the Department of Municipal Affairs (July 9, 1973)
Area includes:
  • Isabella Point Road, Burgoyne Bay
January 15, 1981Board of Trustees SSIFPD request that the boundaries of the district be extended…W. VanderZalm
Minister of Municipal Affairs
Evan Wolfe
Provincial Secretary and Minister of Government Services
March 27, 1985ORDER…The entitlement to vote or hold office is limited to those the full age of twenty-one years is amended by deleting “twenty one” and substituting “nineteen.”BC 615 – Order by Lieutenant-Governor
W. R Bennett
Presiding Member of Executive Council
July 29, 1987ORDER…that a person must be a British Subject in order to be eligible to vote for or hold office as a trustee, the Letters Patent are amended by striking out the reference to a British Subject and substituting a reference to a Canadian Citizen. BC 1536 – Order by
Lieutenant Governor
Rita Johnston
Minister of Municipal Affairs
August 15, 1991Boundaries to include: The Northwest Quarter of Section 42, South Saltspring Island, Cowichan DistrictProvincial Secretary
Minister of Municipal Affairs, Recreation and Culture
November 30,1993ORDER…the entitlement to vote or hold office is limited to those of the full age of nineteen years, is amended by deleting “nineteen” and substituting “eighteen”.BC 1542 – Order by
Lieutenant Governor
Minister of Municipal Affairs
January 20, 1994Board of Trustees request the number of Trustees be increased to seven from five.Minister of Municipal Affairs
Attorney General
June 29, 2000Board of Trustee request that the boundaries be extended
Firstly – Southwest Quarter of Section 42
Secondly – East Half of Section 38
Allan McEachern
Attorney General
March 27, 2006Order in Council No. 154 – Letter Patent, in the form attached, be issued for Saltspring Island Fire Protection District. Ida Chong
Minister of Community Services
January 20, 2010 Order in Council No. 050 – Improvement District Letters Patent Amendment Regulation Bill Bennett
Minister of Community and Rural Development
September 16, 2011Order in Council No. 444 – The Letters Patent issued on March 27, 2006 for the Salt Spring Island Fire Protection District are amended in section 3 by striking out “and street lighting”. Shirley Bond
Attorney General
March 21, 2017Amend the March 27, 2006 - Letters Patent – Ministerial Order No. M 129Peter Fassbender,
Minster of Community, Sport and Cultural Development