Public Meetings

The SSIFPD holds its monthly Trustee’s meeting on the third Monday of every month; please see our Meetings page for upcoming Trustee and Committee meeting dates and locations.

Unless otherwise noted, meetings start at 7:00PM and the Public is welcome to attend.

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Your SSIFPD Trustees

Trustee Year Elected Term Term Expiry
Rollie Cook 2017 3 years 2020
Andreas Gedeon 2019 3 years 2022
Mary Lynn Hetherington 2017 3 years 2020
Howard Holzapfel 2018 3 years 2021
Ron Lindstrom 2018 3 years 2021
Jo MacDonald 2019 3 years 2022
Per Svendsen 2018 3 years 2021

Ron Lindstrom


Dr. Ron Lindstrom is an Adjunct Professor at The University of BC and Royal Roads University. With his extensive experience in the health system and keen interest in integrating research and practice, he works as a Health Systems Consultant. He is the Evaluation Lead for the BC Emergency Medicine Network. Ron holds a Master’s degree in health services planning and administration, and a PhD which focused on finding common ground in community-based  participatory planning. While new to Salt Spring and to Fire Rescue, Ron is well versed in the role of trustees and is committed to meeting the needs of our community with a collaborative, evidence-informed approach to policy and decision-making.

Rollie Cook – Trustee


As a two-term Member of the Alberta Legislative Assembly as well as the managing partner of a successful advertising agency and his several-decade role as Chairman of the Board of a fast growing Chinese real estate company, Rollie brings a wealth of talent to the Fire Trustees. Committed to moving forward courageously to address issues such as response times, fiscal balance, and innovative options to address complex problems.

Andreas Gedeon – Trustee


Andreas’s professional career began as a MARS officer in the German Navy, graduating from Munich Military University with a degree in Educational Sciences. He came to Canada in 2004,and soon decided to stay. Initially living in Vancouver, he started a construction company that specialized in concrete work for high rise construction. Since 2009 he has been building international cannabis businesses, bringing two of them public.

Mary Lynn Hetherington – Trustee


Having grown up in a firefighting family, MaryLynn understands firefighters. This understanding, plus her widespread connections throughout the community and her experience as an emergency room nurse, has prepared her to work effectively with her fellow Trustees. She is confident that, despite challenges, including upcoming negotiations, fiscally-responsible acquisition of equipment, and the building of the new fire hall, the Trustees will achieve positive progress.

Howard Holzapfel – Trustee


Howard became a Field Incident Technician as a result of firefighters’ timely, knowledgeable, and compassionate response to emergencies with both his son and daughter. Howard brings his experience leading companies from troubled financial times into fiscal stability and profitability to his role as a Trustee. His goals are to enhance fiscal responsibility by negotiating with wisdom, seeking good used equipment, and building the most cost-effective new fire hall.

Per Svendsen – Trustee


Per’s preparation for serving as a Fire Trustee is long and varied, beginning as a volunteer firefighter, his continued role as a rescue worker, maintenance and repair of fire department vehicles, and as chair of the Fire Trustee’s Facility Committee. He sees that his role as a Trustee is to ensure that both the Trustees and Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue work together to focus on their top priority – the safety of our community.

Jo MacDonald – Trustee


Jo has extensive professional experience managing public budgets and human resources. She provides labour relations support to the Fire Service as well as other municipal services, and she is well versed in the legislation regulating employers in British Columbia. Jo has been both a union and a management representative and is currently the Senior Manager of Human Resources with the District of Saanich. Previously she was the Manager of Consulting Services (Human Resources) with the Vancouver Island Health Authority. In both positions she has been responsible and accountable for labour relations, and for the administration of budgets well in excess of $1 million annually. She strongly believes in responsible, transparent administration of public funds to achieve the goals and objectives set by the members of the community served.