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allowed burning

Campfires are now allowed - NO OTHER BURNING PERMITTED! High risk activities allowed.

We are pleased to offer the Salt Spring Island community the convenience
of applying ONLINE for fire permits!

A few things to keep in mind prior to submitting your request:


Simply have the property owner fill out the online form below and advise you once it is completed. A print out of the permit is not required.


You will receive via email your approved permit, with a PDF attachment outlining the Do's & Don'ts for backyard burning & campfires. Please forward that attachment to your guests or tenants on property.

Online Fire Permit Applications

Backyard Burn and Campfire
Use this permit for campfires, incinerators & backyard burns.

Validity of permit is a calendar year - January 1 to December 31, EXCEPT DURING FIRE BANS.

Machine Burn Pile
Use this permit as the property owner or authorized third party for land clearing / machine pile burns.

Validity of permit is for a two (2) week period from date of issuance (EXCEPT DURING FIRE BANS) and subject to the Venting Index - which must indicate "GOOD" on the day the burn is initiated, followed by "GOOD" or "FAIR" on the next day.

Online Notification Form

Owner's Request for No Fires Permitted
Use this form if you are an absent property owner and wish to advise the Salt Spring Island Fire Protection District that no fire permits are to be issued for your property.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act FIPPA

The Salt Spring Island Fire Protection District ONLINE permit forms are managed by JotForm in the USA. When you use our online permit requests, there is a two-step process:
1. As soon as you SUBMIT your online permit request, the data is sent to our secure onsite servers via JotForm servers
2. At the same time, the data is deleted from the JotForm servers in the US

We invite you to view JotForm Privacy Policy


The Salt Spring Island Fire Protection District stores all information related to these permits on our secure network, which meets all the requirements of FIPPA. The District will only use your personal information for the same purpose it was collected. The information will not be used for another purpose without your consent.

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